Serbia’s Choices after Russia’s attack on Ukraine

Serbia more than any other nation in Southeast Europe has pursued…

Bosnia Herzegovina, Bosniaks and the European Union

Relations between, and indeed within, Bosnia Herzegovina’s…

Is Montenegro offering a way forward for the Western Balkans?

In late September Montenegro’s government announced an ambitious…

Is the Croatian political scene going the way of Slovenia?

Opinion polls in Slovenia suggest the centre-right (or right…
Joining the euro makes sense for Croatia

For Croatia joining the euro area makes sense

As the procedure for minting Croatia’s euro coins has been…

Tourism in Southern Europe: A glass half full

The rebound in tourism this year has done much to stabilise Southern European economies. Too often the sector is seen as too large in these economies, limiting their potential. Perhaps we should ask more often how other sectors of the economy can develop at the same time?
The more things change, the more they stay the same

The more things change: voters send a message in Croatia’s local elections

Despite leftward shifts in Croatia's two largest cities, the recent local elections again see left of centre parties looking to form a counterweight to the dominant position of the centre-right HDZ.
Lower income tax rates in Croatia make sense

Even as fiscal deficits balloon, lowering tax rates makes sense

Lowering income tax rates makes sense even as budget deficit and public debt levels rise. Namely, compared to peers and neighbours, Croatia remains a high tax jurisdiction and lower rates may well stimulate revenue growth and improve the business environment

The reverse Venn diagram – a tale about political will in Croatia

The lack of political will is a factor in uneven reform implementation. But inability to focus on common issues as a society also narrows the scope for political will to be deployed.
Land titles reform

Land titles reform – Sisyphean task for how much longer?

Land titles reform remains a challenge in Croatia. Is it time to take a different approach and consider a land tax?