Is Montenegro offering a way forward for the Western Balkans?

In late September Montenegro’s government announced an ambitious…

Tourism in Southern Europe: A glass half full

The rebound in tourism this year has done much to stabilise Southern European economies. Too often the sector is seen as too large in these economies, limiting their potential. Perhaps we should ask more often how other sectors of the economy can develop at the same time?
Differing policy response options underline diverse nature of South East Europe

Coronavirus exposes the extent of diversity in South East Europe

The coronavirus pandemic means the whole of South East Europe will experience a deep recession. Difference starting points, constraints and policy choices underline the diversity of the region.

South East Europe’s economies: greater uncertainty in 2020

Another year of growth while debt is rising means the global economy is exposed to increasing risk in 2020. South East Europe is better placed for a downturn than in 2008, but that readiness is not uniformly distributed