The many ways Brexit will impact South East Europe and beyond

As the Brexit endgame fast approaches, the value of safety in numbers should become evident over time, especially for smaller EU member states.

Croatia and Slovenia: Two natural allies

As neighbouring countries with shared histories, Croatia and Slovenia have much in common. Accession to the EU has deepened these links, which Brexit is likely to strengthen.

How prepared is South East Europe for the next downturn?

The financial crisis of 2008/09 left a large scar on the region. With global economic conditions worsening, how prepared is South East Europe for the next downturn?

Playground logic necessary for successful entry into eurozone

When the big boys fight, smaller boys usually stay away. Strategic goals should not cloud policymakers' judgement on adopting the euro.

Regional Monetary Policy: It’s all about the Exchange Rate

The exchange rate will remain the primary transmission mechanism of monetary policy in South East Europe as long as households prefer to save in foreign currency.

The most interesting aspects of the World Bank Doing Business 2019 Survey

A detailed look at the World Bank Doing Business 2019 Survey and Croatia’s performance according to the main criteria.

EU poverty indicators: Croatia between Spain and Italy

Insight into the risk of poverty or social exclusion in EU countries from the Eurostat’s Risk of Poverty or Social Exclusion Report.

The end game for Croatia’s shipyards?

Croatia’s shipyards employ far from best available technology. To get there, someone would have invest hundreds of millions of euros.